Thursday, February 9, 2012

Pavan - Adelaide aiport to curry Street, 24 dollars

"Is that your lucky duck?"

Pavan has a yellow toy duck hanging in the window.

"Haha, that is my favorite cartoon! I love cartoons. I used to watch cartoons everyday back in India with my brother"

"Are you a Sikh?"

A Sikh is the highest rank in the cast system in India. The priest cast.

"Yes I am a Sikh."

"So why don't you have a turban?"

The Sikhs are not allowed to cut their hair. They let it grow and wrap the hair up in a turban.

"Because I cut my hair. You know, Australian girls don't like it. "

"Are you allowed to according to your religion?"

"No, my father didn't speak to me for a whole year after I cut my hair. But now he i s ok."

"So what about your family?"

"They are still in India. In Punjab. You know, most Indian people in Australia are from Punjab. "

"Ah, Punjab is very poor, right?"

"No! Punjab is very rich!"

Oh, how ignorant I am. Now I insulted him...

"But Punjab has a lot of farmers right?"

"No, everybody believes that because you are a farmer you are poor! Everybody owns their land, everybody is rich. It is very expensive for us to come here. You know I payed 600 000 rupies to come here. You must be rich to come here. "

Double ignorance, well done of me!

"What about your brother, does he want to move here?"

"I have asked my brother but he is too lazy. In Australia you have to work hard. My father got a gold shop and my brother is working in that shop selling gold. He spends most of his days watching cartoons. He likes it that way. This is too much work for him. "

When I say goodbye to Pavan I wonder if that might be the way to spend my life. Selling gold in a gold shop and watching cartoons. Not achieving. Only being.