Thursday, February 12, 2015

Farooq, Sydney airport to Manly, 96 dollars

"Yes, I am from Afghanistan. But do you know, my parents are actually from Australia!. They moved back to Afghanistan, got eight kids and then when it was getting bad in Afghanistan, 18 years ago, they moved back to Australia.

Wow, so he is Australian? Afghanistan? Both? Neither? Does it matter? I say:

" I have heard it is really beautiful in Afghanistan"
"Yes, it is a beautiful country! The mountains... Many older people I meet in Australia, 80, 90 years old have been there and they say it is a beautiful country! But now. The Taliban is destroying everything. "
"I heard that Osama bin Laden was dead long before the US came to Pakistan to kill him."
"Oh yes! Many, many years before that he was dead! But you know where bin Ladens family were living? They were all living in the US and had US businesses and all where flown to Canada after the airspace was closed. Everything that is bad in the world is politics. Religion has nothing to do with it. Another passenger that I had said that ISIS where muslim. I said, how many christians did they kill? How many jews did they kill? He said not so many. And I said, they only kill muslim - I will not accept that they are muslim if they kill muslim. They have no religion. They are just after money. They make so much money killing other people. All people in the world are good. It is just politics and money want that is bad."