Thursday, February 9, 2012

Datha - Adelaide airport to Mawson lakes, 48 dollars

"You can ask anybody in India. Anybody. Everybody will know who he is. It doesn't matter if you ask rich, short, long, tall. Everybody knows him. He is too famous."

Datha was talking about Swami Ramdev. Ramdev is apparently a great yoga guru in India and has started a Yoga revolution in India. He is on TV every morning and have millions of followers.

"Do you know if there is any web site or something?"
"yes, but I believe most is in Hindi"

Damn it. I really want to be mesmiresed by this yoga guru me too! I also want listen to his wisdom and make him my guru. Why isn't it in plain good English?

"You know, if you do as he says you will never get sick. You will never get cancer and always be healthy."

Really? So I need to check out this Rama... I Google him but I find most stuff is in Hindi. And nothing looks even close as interesting as I thought it would. So when I say good bye to Datha I decide to ask my Yoga teacher who has lived in India for many years about Ramdev.