Sunday, August 26, 2012

Imran - Sydney airport to Manly, 96 dollars

"Do you know what happened to me yesterday?"

"No, tell me." I said. We were somewhere between the airport and the harbour tunnel. This was my first time pre booking a taxi. What a relief to skip the long taxi line after a long flight and walk straight to a car that was waiting for me.

"I had two women and two men in the car, they just came from a party. I don´t think the men and the women  knew each other that well. The women had probably met the men at the party. So they were sharing a cab. The men and the women were arguing about where to go. The men wanted the women to come with them, but the women wanted to go home. The men said they were paying for the taxi. So I started to drive in the direction of the men´s destination. The women started objecting and arguing against the route, and I asked them all, ´where should I go, I do not know who to listen to!´. The men said to go with them since they paid the taxi. I finally stopped the car and asked them all to agree before I moved. The men finally convinced the women to go with them to have a coffee and then they would pay a taxi for them to go home. When we arrived to the destination the women had changed their mind. They did not want to go out of the taxi. They started arguing again and the men suddenly opened the doors, got out of  the taxi and ran away!

"No, they didn´t!".

"Yes! And that was a 80 dollars taxi ride! Now we were far away from where the women wanted to go and they said they were not going to pay for the ride since they did not want to go their from the start. So I said if we could not agree I would take them to the police. So we went to the police station and talked to the police. But now they told a lie! The women said that the men forced them into the taxi and that they never wanted to go with the men in the first place! One police officer believed them and one police officer believed me. I was disappointed with the women. I said, you know, everything in life is not all about money. You lie and get away with it, maybe you save some money - but there is something that is called karma. Everything bad and good you do will eventually come back to you. "

"Ouch, what a night you had, what happened in the end?"

"We all agreed on to share the costs. I drove the women to their destination and they paid half of the money and I paid half of the money. So I only got 60 dollars for a ride that I was supposed to get 120 dollars for. And I also spent 2 hours in a police station. You see these crazy things happen to me?"