Thursday, June 28, 2012

Dai - North Sydney to World Square, 22 dollars

"Are you free?"
"I have to go to the toilet first. "
"I need to go to the toilet. Ok? I will be quick."
"Ah. Ok. Sure."
And the guy gets out of the taxi and starts running. A couple of minutes later he is back.

"World Square please, do you know where it is?"
"Yeah, world square."
"Thank you.
Did you have a good day so far?"
"Oh yes, good day! But too much raining. Not good too much raining all the time! "
"No I guess, but now it is finished. "
" Yeah too much raining! Little rain is good, but now. Too much!"
"How long have you been in Australia?"
"I have been in Australia for 8 years!"
"So you like it?"
"Yes, Australia is very good. Not like China. In China - not free. I mean, Australia is not perfect, still has political problems, but in China not free."
"Oh yes, I have heard about that... Not good!"
"No, you know, if you are a practioner of ... which is a chinese meditation then you will be prosecuted! That is why I came here. I fled. If I had stayed in China I would have been in prison. "
" Really?"
"Yes, you cannot practice this kind of meditation, the communists does not like it. The meditation is good, people becomes happy and healthy and loving. But they are afraid of it by some reason. The prosecute people that practise it. "
"Many hundreds of thousands people live in fear in China or in prison. ".
"There you go. World Square. "
"Thank you for sharing your story with me. "
"Thank you for listening. "